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Mission Statement

The Spanish Translation Project is a website to help students with Spanish and English language education.  It helps English as a Second Language (ESL) students with educational content by translating health, biology, and chemistry information.  It provides knowledgeable tutors for students having difficulties in Spanish classes and with the English language especially due to virtual learning caused by COVID-19.

Want to help?

View the content below to help other students. 

In need of help?

Scroll down to the "Necesito Ayuda" and "Please Help" headings.

Becoming a Tutor

Please fill out the form on the link below to apply to become a tutor.



Thank you so much to all translators who have poured hours of knowledge, hard work, and dedication into this project.  Yet another big thanks to our Spanish Honor Society advisor, Sr. Vidal, and all Spanish Honor Society students for supporting this project.  Thank you to teachers like Mrs. Franek and Mr. Franek for access to course material as well. 

Mexican Street Decoration

Necesito Ayuda

Por favor, completa el siguiente formulario en Español si tienes preguntas de tarea/lecciones y quieres respuestas.

Por favor, completa el siguiente formulario en Español para obtener ayuda si prefieres ayuda en Español de un tutor.

Please Help

Please complete the form below in English to get help if you prefer help in English.  

Please Translate

Please complete the form below in English if you want any content translated from English into Spanish and you will be contacted.

Para Acceso Información en Español

(To access the information in Spanish)

1. Haga scroll en la página para el contenido que necesitas en el menu: por ejemplo-biología

(Scroll on the page for the content you needin the menu: for example-biology)

2. Haga click en un categoría en el menu a la derecha y va a un otro pagina para ver los enlaces de contenido

(Click on the category in the menu to the right of this and go to the other page to see the content links)

3. Copia el enlace de contenido en Google para ver los powerpuntos o documento de Google para cada tema.

(Copy the content link into Google to view the Google Slides or Google Docs information for each topic.)

In Loving Memory of Dolores Jones

Dolores Jones: Mi ángel custodio y inspiración.


Dolores era de Managua, Nicaragua, era cosmetóloga por más de 20 años y amaba hacer que la gente se vea hermosa, su sonrisa iluminaría cualquier habitación, ella era la mejor madre, abuela, y amiga que cualquiera pudiera pedir. Falleció después de una valiente batalla el 25 de febrero de 2021.

Miss Dolores was a wonderful woman loved by family and friends. She was one of the great inspirations of the translation project, coming to America as a young adult and always pushing her daughter and grandson to get a good education. We love and miss you Miss Dolores! We will work every day to make you proud and fulfill your legacy of kindness.


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